“The California Dream” Has Become “The California Cesspool”

“The California Dream” Has Become “The California Cesspool” by  for End of the American Dream

GNN Note – This is exactly the word I have been using for the past couple of years – “cesspool”. Liberals created a cesspool of California, Oregon, Colorado, Washington, New York, Boston, Chicago and Washington DC and now they are fleeing like rats fleeing a sinking ship and are bringing their infected minds to conservative “Red” states and transforming them into their latest cesspool. We must stand up, pushback and them back from where they came. Liberals should be treated as we would the border jumpers streaming in through the Southern border – it’s an invasion and they should be stopped. / END

Once upon a time, California was the hottest destination in the entire country.  Millions of young people poured into California in search of a new life, and today it has the largest population of any U.S. state by a very wide margin.  But now “the California Dream” has become “the California Cesspool”, and residents are moving to other states on a permanent basis in very large numbers.  In fact, at this point a lot of California residents are even choosing to move to Mexico in order to escape the state.  Decades of really bad decisions have turned the Golden State into an endless nightmare, and there appears to be no hope on the horizon.

Just look at what has happened to San Francisco.  It is one of the wealthiest cities on the entire planet, but everywhere you look there is squalor.

In recent days, a video that a Twitter user named Ricci Wynne posted of children walking home through “one of the city’s open-air drug dens” has already been watched more than two million times…

San Francisco children were recorded on video having to walk past what appeared to be one of the city’s open-air drug dens on their way home from school.

Ricci Wynne posted the video on Twitter last week, writing that the students were getting off the 14 transit line on 8th and Mission Streets when they encountered what appeared to be the homeless encampment sprawled across the sidewalk.

San Francisco doesn’t have just one open air drug market.

They can now be found in multiple locations around the city, and the authorities don’t seem interested in cleaning them up.

So for the children in Wynne’s video, wading through hordes of zombified drug addicts on the way home has just become a part of normal life.

Of course it could be argued that things are even worse down in Los Angeles.

The following is what one reporter encountered during a harrowing visit to Skid Row

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