Single, non-religious young adults are most unhappy Americans post-COVID-19: report

Single, non-religious young adults are most unhappy Americans post-COVID-19: report By Leonardo Blair, Senior Features Reporter for The Christian Post

GNN Note – When you kick God to the curb bad things tend to happen. When dad’s are thrown out of the house – either of their own accord or by the rest of the family, bad things tend to happen. Just these two issues alone are a massive part of the problem. / END

Young adults under 35 who are single and non-religious report the highest levels of unhappiness since the COVID-19 pandemic began and since 1972, when the General Social Survey began measuring levels of happiness among Americans, a new analysis from the Institute of Family Studies suggests.

While data from the GSS indicates all demographics are generally reporting higher levels of unhappiness, it also shows that in 2021, a historic share of Americans said they are “not too happy.”

“From 1972 to 2018, no more than 18% of Americans ages 35 and over had ever claimed to be ‘not too happy,’ and no more than 16% of Americans under 35 had done so. In every year ever measured, people over and under age 35 had similar levels of unhappiness,” Lyman Stone, a research fellow at the Institute for Family Studies, wrote. “But in 2021, unhappiness rocketed upwards for both groups, to 22% for those 35 and over, and a whopping 30% for those under age 35.”

While noting that the increases in the share of people who are feeling “not too happy” represent “historic highs for each age demographic,” Stone said “the unusually sharp increase for those under 35 points to a unique burden of unhappiness among young adults over the last few years.”

“American young adults have begun to take an extraordinarily dim view of the world and their own lives. The path to understanding why unhappiness has risen so much more among young Americans begins by understanding the groups among whom it has risen the most,” he said.

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