Is the Holy Spirit Devising a Bigger Plan than Anyone Imagined?

Is the Holy Spirit Devising a Bigger Plan than Anyone Imagined? by Kevin Jessip and Troy Anderson for Charisma News

As we watch the rollout of the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” plan, the transhumanist movement, talk about upgrading humans “into gods,” and emerging technologies that could be precursors to the mark of the beast, we believe God is working a bigger plan than anyone has imagined.

First, consider the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent ruling overturning the landmark decision Roe v. Wade, concluding that there is no constitutional right to an abortion in America. And while the global situation appears dark, with soaring inflation and gas prices, skyrocketing levels of a debt and a possible recession, hope is growing not only for a miraculous turnaround in the political sphere later this year and in the 2024 presidential election, but also in the spiritual realm.

While the devil is waging an all-out assault on the body of Christ, knowing his time is short, many faith leaders are expressing optimism that we may be witnessing signs of the beginning of a powerful Holy Spirit-led spiritual awakening that many believe will usher countless millions into the kingdom of God in the months and years ahead.

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“This is a time for warriors,” Robin D. Bullock said on “The Eleventh Hour” video on May 3. “It’s a time for warriors to fight like they’ve never fought before. Someone may say, ‘Yes, but we see victory on the horizon.’ Yes, we see victory on the horizon, but that does not mean that everything is over and settled. Once you stand, and having done all, and defeated all, then you stand, ready to defeat the next wave.

“For there is going to be now great pushback, ‘but you stand,’ says the Lord, ‘for now it has begun,’ and the dam is breaking, and the fire is burning through the map, and it will burn it all the way out as it goes, for this is that time. It’s the time prayed for. It’s the time waited for. It’s the time that men have fasted and prayed for. This is that time and now you have lived to see it. You’ve lived to be in it.”

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