After 60+ Years Of Destructive Communist Policies, America’s Soul Is Rotting To The Core

After 60+ Years Of Destructive Communist Policies, America’s Soul Is Rotting To The Core By John Scotto for All News Pipeline

Americans Must Fight For What’s Right Or This Ticking Time Bomb Will Eviscerate Us All 

The recent supreme court decision has sent shock waves throughout America. However, most of us who are aware must admit, all the events currently unfolding before our eyes are not surprising. The left has been preparing for this moment for many weeks now. It appears all the pre-made signs and fake outrage are ready to roll.

The satirical Babylon Bee had the greatest headline the other day pertaining to all this madness: Dems pause January 6th hearings in order to call for insurrection. Just a very fitting title to describe the recent situation.

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The left has just started their summer of hell. We now see the violence, many of these so-called “peaceful” leftists participate in, when they don’t get their way.

Christian pregnancy clinic in Colorado is torched and graffitied with the words ‘if abortions aren’t safe, neither are you’ after pro-abortion extremists warned of ‘night of rage’ following Roe v. Wade decision

Only a couple of months ago the radical leftist supreme court appointee couldn’t provide a definition for the word woman. All of a sudden the left has discovered who a woman is and are now on a crusade to save the rights of all women, how convenient.

Leftists are always screaming to follow the science. However, when the science contradicts their viewpoint, according to them the science should then be ignored. Science has now shown that a baby’s heart rate is likely detectable within six to eight weeks. During abortion procedures, we can actually see the baby fighting and resisting the abortion. Anybody with a soul, who has viewed an abortion video is likely to be repulsed. Yet, with all the scientific advances that show these babies are viable, we still see the maniacal outrage from the diabolical “progressives.” Sometimes, all it takes to change a pro-choice person’s mind is to show them an abortion procedure video.

Watch their minds change on abortion.

Regarding life beginning at conception, I use the following analogy. It’s sort of like going into an automobile factory and looking at the mechanics working on the car frame and saying, the car frame will never become a car in a few weeks. The liberal mindset regarding their unwillingness to apply logic is mind boggling. These same leftists who are demanding people take those controversial covid “vaccines” are now screaming, “my body, my choice.” Isn’t this duplicitous?

Everything about the left wreaks double standard, they are nothing but evil phonies. With modern day liberals it is all about selectivity, whatever suits their narrative at the time, they yell and scream about, until they get their way. Selective outrage and selective justice define the modern day leftist ideology.

Many “progressives” have become like petulant children. Being a leftist now requires a human being to exist within a perpetual state of childhood. Basically, one must embody the persona of a brat, who has constant temper tantrums. One must resemble somebody who thinks the world revolves around them alone and all their selfish whims and desires.

These radical liberals are no longer rational, but it is not entirely their own fault. Society as a whole has been catering to their sick and twisted ideas/policies for over sixty years. The entire American public must share in the responsibility for creating such monsters. Most of us have become comfortable in avoiding reality. Our very own politicians and most of those within government have been tilting leftward for decades. I guess society has been ignoring this ideological leftist “time-bomb” for far too many years. People need to get their priorities in order.

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