NewsGuard’s Partners Are Some Of The Same Groups Deagel Uses As Sources For Their Forecast Of Massive US Depopulation!

NewsGuard’s Partners Are Some Of The Same Groups Deagel Uses As Sources For Their Forecast Of Massive US Depopulation! By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline

Orwellian Censorship Being Used To Cover Up Genocide

We read on Friday morning this new story over at the Organic Prepper reporting the Orwellian-sounding and acting ‘NewsGuard‘ had just ‘red-flagged‘ their website due largely to their refusal to bow to their DEMANDS to ‘make changes‘ to the website, changes that would have required the Organic Prepper to LIE in order to ‘conform‘ to the DEMANDS made by NewsGuard.

Reporting within their story that they weren’t the only ones recently ‘targeted‘, with other websites that were found to be ‘lacking‘ in the eyes of ‘NG‘ including,, far-left,, MintPress News, and a website called MindBodyGreen just to name a few, ANP is happy to report here that we are in very good company.

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With one ‘Valerie Pavilonis‘, a so-called ‘analyst’ for ‘NG‘, reaching out to ANP just a few days ago on June 28th as seen in their email to us in the screenshot below, asking ANP for an interview because she was writing a report upon us, we responded bluntly, as also seen in our response in the below, holding no punches.:

Hi Valerie,

Sorry, we don’t do interviews with people who push globalist propaganda outlets, such as CNN, MSNBC, etc. 

As pointed out in this Gallup poll from July of 2021 (see below), Americans trust in the mainstream media, and just about all major institutions, SUCKS! 

With our email to them then showing the 2021 trust ratings via the Gallup poll of the mainstream media outlets, aka totalitarian propaganda-pushers, including Newspapers at an abominable 21%, TV News at an even worse 16% and even the US Congress itself at an absolutely abominable 12%, we fully expect ‘NG‘ to ‘red flag‘ ANP as well, though that is a badge of honor in 2022 America, as practically every word that flows out of the mouths of Joe Biden and the MSM is outright fake news.

And ‘NG‘ actually DEMANDING that the Organic Prepper change their tune in order to garner a ‘trustworthy rating‘ from them sounds exactly like what the gatekeepers over at google recently did to ANP in removing their ads from our stories.

As Susan Duclos had reported in this June 15th story titled “Deplatforming ANP And Independent Media And The Latest Big Tech Commie Censorship Games Being Played – If They Can’t Force Us To Conform To Their ‘Official Narrative’ They Will Try To Bankrupt Us” and I had reported in this June 16th story titled “Google Has A ‘Kill List’ Of Stories, Information, Knowledge And Opinions They Don’t Want You To Know – This Is Part Of That List, Proving Google Is As Bad As Nazi Book Burners”, google actually had the audacity to DEMAND ANP make changes to our stories in order for us to keep their ads upon them, making our stories more suited to the globalists narrative, something we’d never do.

With ANP reporting in that June 16th story on the kinds of stories they ‘demanded‘ we make changes to, including our many reports on the 2020 election theft by ‘fake president‘ Biden and Democrats, the eugenicist globalists ‘depopulation agenda‘ and how it is directly tied to the death jab and our February of 2020 story which featured an interview with Bioweapons Expert Dr. Francis Boyle titled “Bioweapons Expert Warns ANP: The ‘Nazi Death Science Biological Warfare Work’ Going On In America MUST Be Stopped!” within which he warned us COVID originated in a lab (long called a crazy conspiracy theory but something that now even the World Health Organization admits is a very real possibility), as that Organic Prepper story warned, websites like NewsGuard and their ‘reports‘ are nothing more than information gatekeepers for the globalists.

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