Christians theologically grounded in faith more likely to share the Gospel with others: study

Christians theologically grounded in faith more likely to share the Gospel with others: study By Ian M. Giatti, Christian Post Reporter for The Christian Post

Those who find it difficult to share the Gospel with others might lack assurance in their own walk of faith, according to new research.

A list of “8 Traits of the Most Evangelistic Christians” from Lifeway Research suggests Christians who are theologically grounded in their salvation might be more comfortable —  and successful — in sharing their faith.

A recent study from Lifeway found there are more Christians who say they are “never active” (24%) in evangelism than there are those who identify as “very active” (13%), while the number of those who are never or rarely active and those who are somewhat or very active in evangelism are split roughly 50-50.

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Daniel Price, a statistician for Lifeway Research, told CP most of those who are “never active” in evangelism have low assurance regarding their salvation, with only 33% stating they are sure they have eternal life through Jesus Christ.

Those percentages rise in correlation with evangelistic activity levels from the “rarely actives” (46%) all the way to the “very actives” (76%) — a trend Price said clearly shows “how someone’s assurance of salvation is related to their activity in sharing.”

“Since salvation is an essential component for a relationship with Christ, it is only logical that if this is not rock solid, it will inhibit the desire to share,” Price added.

The “never active” group, interestingly, is the most likely to say “no one can know” whether they are headed for Heaven, a finding that Price said might explain why someone is less likely to be active.

“Since salvation is a major driving force behind evangelistic efforts, if someone does not believe this can be assured, it will not create the same angst for the spiritual welfare of others,” he said.

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