“This New Virus Was Devastating To Mankind. The Carnage That Was Taking Place Was Horrific To Behold.”

“This New Virus Was Devastating To Mankind. The Carnage That Was Taking Place Was Horrific To Behold.” ~ Augusto Perez by   for End of the American Dream

It shouldn’t be a surprise to any of us that strange diseases are erupting all over the world.  In Matthew 24, Jesus specifically warned us that there would be multiple “pestilences” in the end times.  So if we really are living in the end times, we should expect major outbreaks of disease to become quite common.  Of course we have already been hit by COVID, but the Lord has shown many men and women of God that other pandemics are coming as well, and those pandemics will be even worse than COVID.  I know that many of you may not be eager to hear this, but it is the truth.

One of the individuals that has been shown that another pandemic is rapidly approaching is Augusto Perez.  I featured him a number of times in Lost Prophecies Of The Future Of America, and since that book came out he has continued to be shown more future events by the Lord.

If you are not familiar with Augusto Perez, here is an excerpt from his bio

Augusto Perez has been a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for over thirty five years in the United States, Mexico, Central and South America and in Cuba. He believes in the gospel of the first century Apostles and healing, deliverance and spiritual signs have always been witnessed in the course of his ministry. His Apostolic calling has been to help prepare the Bride of Jesus Christ for His soon return to planet earth, and the events that will surround His glorious appearance. As a watchman, Augusto has been given many dreams and visions about soon coming events in the United States and around the world in order to warn the church in America and abroad to repent of her lukewarm state and worldly pursuits, and to turn back to the Lord with her whole heart. Many of these visions and dreams are now beginning to come to pass very quickly.

He has been around for a really long time, and he is a voice that I trust.

So it definitely got my attention when I heard that he had been shown that another great pandemic is coming

I was shown many people whose DNA was resistant to a new deadly virus that was infecting every person in the whole world. This new virus was not Covid-19, but seemed to be a stronger, more deadly virus that was resistant to medications. I noticed how the people tried to take various medications to treat this new virus to no avail. This new virus was devastating to mankind. The carnage that was taking place was horrific to behold. Apocalyptic in scope.

Then, I noticed that I was able to look inside the people and actually see their human DNA. It is very hard to explain. It was a very unusual experience, but neverthelss while I was in my angelic body I had the ability to see their human DNA. While I continued to watch, I noticed that there were some people whose DNA was shining very brightly, as if it was somehow “iluminated” from within. However, the majority of the earth’s population, I noticed that their DNA was not bright and shiny, but dull. It looked as if it was diseased and dying.

I was then taken to what appeared to be some kind of secret underground “Control Center”, where everything that was taking place on the whole planet regarding this new deadly virus and its effect on the people was being monitored. I was able to watch it all in real time. What I sensed in my spirit is that the people were being targeted for destruction by the new virus. However, the people whose DNA was iluminated and shining were being protected by the LORD Jesus Christ. I also saw that these “iluminated ones” were being taken to certain specific safe areas where they were going to be protected from the evil ones. I was then awakened.

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