Consider This Your Sign To Start Homeschooling Your Kids

Consider This Your Sign To Start Homeschooling Your Kids BY: JESSICA MARIE BAUMGARTNER for The Federalist

Parents are already teachers. We offer lessons all the time, and we learn as we go. 

I write education news for a living. My job, every day, is to report on what’s happening in education. I have great respect for teachers in all settings but have been a homeschooling mother for more than 10 years now, and what I’ve researched and written on recently is horrifying.

The public school system is a mess. Hardly anyone wants to be a teacher anymore, and with good reason. Too many educators in the system have little to no respect for parental rightsand believe they are above the law.

Most recently I reported on a gym teacher who allegedly sexually abused 7- and 8-year-old girls for three years. This occurred between 2015 and 2018, but he is just now finally being brought to justice. I wish this were a rarity, but unfortunately 1 in 10 schoolchildren will be subject to sexual misconduct at the hands of a teacher or school staff member.

Sexual Agendas in Government School Classrooms

As if that weren’t enough to drive parents to seek alternative options, the Biden administration is rewarding schools for pushing identity politics in the classroom. Government grants are now being offered to schools that push “equity” ideologies into classrooms.

Gone are the days when working hard made the grade. Now schools across the nation are grading students based on what they look like instead of the content of their work. In addition, some districts will offer harsher punishments for white students who break the rules than non-white students as part of “culturally responsive discipline” (one rebranded form of critical race theory), which teaches students and educators that minorities aren’t smart enough to follow the rules.

This rhetoric is not only destructive to white people, but all people. That includes Asian students, who are now being pushed out of top schools in order to admit a racially conscious student body. In addition, black students are being held down by the false idea that they cannot succeed in the current system.

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