Why Are So Many Extremely Bizarre “Mystery Creatures” Starting To Appear All Over The Planet?

Why Are So Many Extremely Bizarre “Mystery Creatures” Starting To Appear All Over The Planet? by  for End of the American Dream

Have you noticed that there have been a lot of stories about “unexplained creatures” in the news lately?  Normally I don’t pay much attention to stories like that, but today my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to do some digging.  What I found was that stories about mystery creatures have been going viral on social media with surprising regularity.  In some cases, the mystery creatures are able to be identified, but often they are not.  In this article I am going to be asking a number of questions, because right now I don’t have all the answers and that is okay.  Our world is full of great mysteries, and for many of those great mysteries there are no easy answers.

Let me give you an example of what I am talking about.  Last week, an extremely bizarre creature that “looks like an orc from Lord of the Rings” washed up on a shore on the Sinai Peninsula…

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The gruesome remains of a creature that ‘looks like an orc from Lord of the Rings’ have been found washed up on the shores of Egypt.

Andrea Jud, 39, found the mysterious eyeless corpse baring its sharp teeth on a beach at Gabr el-Bint on the Sinai Peninsula.

And just like the movie monster from Alien, it had two sets of jaws – one within the other – for hunting its prey.

I initially thought that the creature was quite small when I first saw the photo of it, but the woman that discovered it says that it had a head that was “bigger than her fist”

Ms Jud said she was “surprised” by how big the creature was, with the head being bigger than her fist.

“It was gruesome to look at, and reminded me of the reality of death,” she said.

“My initial impression was that it was a being who suffered a rather horrible death. I couldn’t figure out what kind of creature it was.”

Some are suggesting that this creature could be some sort of an eel, and maybe that is true.

But it definitely looks like something out of a science fiction movie to me.

Here in the United States, officials at the Amarillo Zoo are asking for help in identifying a mystery creature that was recently photographed by one of their motion-activated cameras

A mysterious image of a strange unidentified creature taken outside of Amarillo Zoo in Texas has left city officials and internet users baffled.

The City of Amarillo has appealed for help after security cameras picked up the unsettling figure apparently walking around the perimeter fence of the zoo in the early hours of May 21.

The camera that took the photo is motion-activated and sends an alert to zoo officials when it makes a capture. The model is believed to be a SPYPOINT Link-Micro-S-LTE.

Many news outlets decided to describe this strange figure as a “wolfman”, and the story quickly went viral on social media.

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