We Are Witnessing A Stunning Breakdown Of Law And Order, And The Overwhelmed Police Seem Powerless To Stop It

We Are Witnessing A Stunning Breakdown Of Law And Order, And The Overwhelmed Police Seem Powerless To Stop It by  for The Economic Collapse Blog

This country is not the same place that it was ten years ago.  In fact, it is not even close to the same place that it was five years ago.  Violent crime is out of control in many of our major cities, and there aren’t enough police to handle it all.  So in many cases a police officer literally never shows up when someone reports a serious crime.  Unfortunately, the number of serious crimes just keeps going up.  In 2020, we witnessed the worst spike in violent crime in U.S. history, but 2021 was supposed to be a year when rates of violent crime started going back down.  Of course that didn’t happen, and now 2022 is on pace to be even worse than either 2020 or 2021…

Violent crimes are on the rise in six of America’s major cities and set to outpace the already historic levels of 2021 violent crime.

Baltimore, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Atlanta, and New York City are all on pace to break their 2021 levels of violent crime halfway through this year, with the nation’s largest city leading the group, according to crime data reviewed by Fox News.

At this point, violent crime is up 25.8 percent in New York City compared to the first half of last year.

That is staggering.

Of course New York City still has a way to go before it gets as bad as Chicago.

In the Windy City, there are hundreds of thousands of “high-priority emergency service calls” each year, and last year there were no police available to respond to those calls 52 percent of the time

New data uncovered by Wirepoints through public records requests to the Chicago Police Department (CPD) reveal that in 2021 there were 406,829 incidents of high-priority emergency service calls for which there were no police available to respond.

That was 52 percent of the 788,000 high-priority 911 service calls dispatched in 2021.

So if you are the victim of a violent crime in Chicago, your odds of having a police officer available to help you are about the same as guessing a coin flip correctly.

The following is a partial list of “high-priority emergency service calls” for which no police officer was available in 2021…

  • 14,955 – assaults in progress.
  • 17,828 – batteries in progress.
  • 16,350 – person with a gun.
  • 5,210 – person with a knife.
  • 12,787 – shots fired (reports from people, not the city’s automated “Shotspotter”)
  • 1,352 – person shot.
  • 887 – person stabbed.
  • 14,265 – domestic battery.

Despite numbers such as these, there are lots of people out there that are relentlessly calling for the police to be “defunded”.

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