We Are Done With The NonSense – All People Are Done With Leftist, Communist Anti-Family Garbage

We Are Done With The NonSense – All People Are Done With Leftist, Communist Anti-Family Garbage

Happy Independence Day, America… from the man occupying the White House

For the past two years we the people have suffered mightily under the regime of the leftist gone crazy. A great many things that President Trump made permanent in this country, like the Supreme Court, more than 300 hundred federal judges and the energy independence he created through negotiations and deregulation, are paying massive dividends. The energy independence will be back online soon enough, but the other two massive victories are changing our nation back to what it once was. The leftist, communist agenda has hit a major stumbling block and now their garbage is exposed for all to see.

We are not as stupid, blind and gullible as the upper level owners thought. We are not as scattered and divided as the upper owners thought. We are not as liberal, communist as the upper owners thought.

People like Klaus Schwab are now becoming household names – something they never wanted. Yes, the World Economic Forum has produced a lot of videos and other publications, however, they were supposed to sit quietly in the corner until some years after their plans were all in place. “You will own nothing and you will be happy.” not working out like they thought.

Also, one of the puppets, Ilhan Omar, is now exposed and her people, the Somali refugee community that Obama created in Minnesota, is now turning against her. She is hated more than Kamala Harris. Ilhan represents Ilhan and her power. The people in her district don’t like that and want to have someone else in the seat that will represent their interest.

This video was shot at a Somali music festival in Minnesota. You may hear some people dropping “F bombs”, not sure if I heard that or not in this particular video, but apparently some people did something and caught the crowd chanting “get the…outta here”

We are done with these communist wannabe’s. When you have Somali refugee’s turn against a Somali, your program is in serious trouble.

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