Birth Rates Drop Worldwide Following Mass COVID-19 Vaccination in 2021

Birth Rates Drop Worldwide Following Mass COVID-19 Vaccination in 2021 Comments by Brian Shilhavy, Editor, Health Impact News

More evidence that the COVID-19 mass vaccination programs were specifically designed to reduce the world’s population to fit the “Green Agenda” that the earth can no longer support current population levels continues to be reported, as now statistics show declining birthrates worldwide following the COVID-19 vaccine roll outs in 2021.

As we have recently reported, the COVID-19 vaccines cause a higher percentage of miscarriages than even the abortion pills.

82% Pregnant Women Getting COVID Vaccine have Miscarriages – More than the Abortion Pill

It is truly amazing to see how evil and criminal our health officials in government, such as CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, have become when they go on TV and blatantly lie to the American people about the safety and efficacy of these killer COVID vaccines. The pharma-funded corporate media is also complicit with mass murder and criminal intent to harm.

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This is a worldwide catastrophe unfolding right before our eyes, as labor shortages are already crippling our economy due to how many people have died and been crippled by the vaccines, and now we see that there is little hope of replenishing the work force anytime soon, as birth rates rapidly decline and young, child-bearing adults become infertile.

We truly live in evil times!

If there is any small consolation in all of this, it is the fact that the “anti-vaccine” people who still have their minds and souls in tact because they did not bow down and submit to these evil demonic tyrants, will be the ones who are still fertile and reproducing human life in the future.

The pro-Darwinian motto of “survival of the fittest” is going to take on a whole new meaning in the years ahead, if God does not completely destroy the planet first and start over with the promised Messianic New World Order.

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