Is Joe Biden Going To Use U.S. Military Bases To Restore Abortion On Demand To All 50 States?

Is Joe Biden Going To Use U.S. Military Bases To Restore Abortion On Demand To All 50 States? by  for End of the American Dream

Now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned, Democrats in Congress are demanding the Biden administration to take action.  Needless to say, many Democrats have already soured on Biden at this point, and another major disappointment could give those that want someone else to be the Democratic nominee in 2024 a tremendous amount of momentum.  If Biden wants to run again, he needs the Democratic Party to get behind him.  And what Democrats want right now more than anything else is for Biden to “get aggressive”

When it comes to protecting abortion rights, Democrats want Joe Biden to get aggressive. And fast.

Frustration is building among liberals over what some see as a slow executive response from the president, despite weeks to prepare following POLITICO’s publication of a draft majority opinion forecasting the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade. White House officials contend that things are more complicated than they seem, but that’s doing little to turn down the temperature in the party.

A group of 25 senators recently sent a letter to Biden urging him to use federal lands to provide abortion in states where access to abortion will be outlawed or restricted.

For the moment, the Biden administration is saying that it will not pursue such an idea

The White House signaled Monday that it is not pursuing a Senate Democratic proposal that says the Biden administration could offer abortion services on federal lands after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last week.

Just days after the court ruled to strike down the landmark 1973 decision that guaranteed abortion rights nationwide, a White House official said that the Democratic proposal was “well-intentioned” but that it “could put women and providers at risk.”

One of the big problems with trying to provide abortion on federal lands is the fact that facilities would have to be constructed.

And that could take a lot of time.

On the other hand, there are U.S. military bases in all 50 states, and many of them currently have buildings that are not being used.

In addition, a lot of them actually have hospitals that have extra space.

So it wouldn’t take that much to get abortion clinics up and running on many of these bases.

Needless to say, doing such a thing would be a complete and utter abomination, and it would go against everything that our military once stood for.

And states that are attempting to outlaw or restrict abortion would be absolutely seething with anger if Biden did such a thing.

But we have seen Biden step way over the line during the pandemic, and I could easily see it happen again.

Of course such a move would instantly be challenged in court, and one legal expert is not sure which way such a case would go…

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