Triple Vaxxed Are Dying…

Triple Vaxxed Are Dying…

hmmm…I’m so old I remember they told us it was a “the unvaxxed” that were the problem – “filling hospitals” and other nonsense – you know, like – “I’m glad I’m triple vaccinated because it would be so much worse.” Yes, if you weren’t triple vaccinated you have to die twice, which is way worse.

“Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” is not really a thing. People are dying from the vaccine. It is working as intended. Why do you think they are still pushing for more people to get more vaccines? If it worked, like my polio and mumps vaccine, my TB vaccine, it would only require one dose, one time in a life time, period.

Vaccines that don’t work, or have an unstated agenda, required multiple doses throughout your life. If you search the VAERS data base, as a great many people have done, you will find vaccine injuries are off the charts. In the past, pre-COVID19 vaccines, if there was a small number of problems associated with a vaccine its use would be halted almost immediately. That is the not the case with the C-19 vaccine – quiet the opposite, in fact, is the rule. So, if you have received the 3rd jab, we will pray for your health and safety. It seems to be the 3rd jab that sent everything over the top. You’ve probably seen Justin Bieber and heard about his wife, Halle, and the issues that are struggling with. These are young people in the prime of health now changed, forever.

Reminder… the satanic-globalist have a code that states they must tell us what they are going to do. It is our responsibility to not only believe them, but to find where exactly they have PRINTED their plan.

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