Global Totalitarianism Based On Technocratic And Transhumanist Ideologies Speeds Up Human Extinction

Global Totalitarianism Based On Technocratic And Transhumanist Ideologies Speeds Up Human Extinction By Alan Barton – All News PipeLine

From the tweet above, “Can a ‘Microscopic Tag’ be implanted in every person’s body to track their every move…you’ll be ruling on that…” -Biden to SCOTUS nominee John Roberts, 2005.  Consider that for a moment and tell me what he knew seventeen years ago and what his ideas and plans are now.  Watch it and listen to the other ideas he brings up for a real start.  Joey Dementia is seriously evil for even bringing that stuff up but big mouth that he is, he gave away the plans.  A Hollywood producer named Aaron Russo that passed on way back in 2007 brought up the same idea but in a much more full fashion including the intentions of it all in the first video below in an interview with Alex Jones; please take the 8 minutes to watch it, it is well worth the time.  But of course, the “fact checkers” (code for the radical lefts anti-truth warriors) said Biden was not announcing an agenda for chipping people.  No, of course not, how could one think that may be the case?

So just what is an RFID tag?  Fundamentally it is the same thing as a bar code that can be implanted into almost anything whereas a barcode is something that can be printed and applied as a sticker or direct printed onto a product or package.  Usually FRID is faster to scan (not direct line of sight required) and can contain more information in the code itself, but they both feed information because the data is NOT stored directly in the code but is like an address to obtain the full information.  The code reader emits a burst of RF that starts the chip to send out its ID number and the reader then stores that and links to the relevant databases.  And as they can be implanted inside of the object they are not subject to the wear and tear that a printed code is.  Although metal objects cannot affect a printed barcode, it can affect the readability of an RFID tag if it interferes with the reader’s access to the chip.  At the grocery checkout a barcode is scanned and in many other shops like the hardware store or clothing store the RFID chips are implanted in or on the product and is why they can tell if you have on a new shirt over your old one or are sneaking out a box of staples from the office store.

All of the information that most seem to think is on the chip is not, it is just a unique number that identifies and links with the object it is in or on so all of that information is actually on a server somewhere just as existing barcodes or QR codes do so that the decoded RFID code relates to, and that database is what actually holds the information.  So if the internet is down, so is access to that information.  As one article put it a couple of years ago, “Welcome to the ‘new normal’, it comes with an RFID microchip-enabled COVID-19 vaccination syringe with your name on it. That’s the new normal. The only question is what will you do when they come to your door, and tell you it’s mandatory? You might want to figure out your response to that scenario sooner rather than later. Now would be a good time.”

Also two years ago the US Department of Defense said “Today the Department of Defense and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, announce a $138 million contract with ApiJect Systems America for “Project Jumpstart” and “RAPID USA,” which together will dramatically expand U.S. production capability for domestically manufactured, medical-grade injection devices starting by October 2020.”   Together with the HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response they expected to have over 100 million distributed across the US in 2020 and another 200 million in 2021.  And just who are the expected recipients for these injectable RFID tags?   One of the sources listed is the DOD Coronavirus Update Response system.  Nothing to see here folks, now move along but if you are loaded into a boxcar and sent to a concentrat— medical isolation facility and given a shot, well I’m sorry, but you just got an ID tag inserted into your body and your whole history of medical, financial, schooling, legal and all other histories are now found by a simple scan of your body because all of those pertinent files are linked together.  Mark of the Beast system version 1 was likely what the service members all got and version 2 is what we will be getting if they can get us to accept the shot.  DOD service member update as of June 15 this year shows 7,405,718 have been injected so far.

A the WEF meeting in Davos this year, they announced they want all clothing to have RFID tags imbedded in them and that they can now weave them directly into the cloth.  A NOQReport article on the 13th this month said that “To characterize RFID, the low-frequency systems work between 125 to 134 kHz, and they have a limited range to read (4 to 5 inches).  The high-frequency systems function at 13.56 MHz [just below the Amateur Radio 20 meter band], and they work out to a range of about 35 to 40 feet. These are the “basics,” and with the 5 G in place, those ranges are probably increased.  UHF frequencies work from 865 to 928 MHz [first, oldest cell phone range], but the range isn’t specified.”  So we may be better off wearing older clothing rather than the newest fashions.

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