The COVID death data from Massachusetts shows vaccinating kids is INSANE

The COVID death data from Massachusetts shows vaccinating kids is INSANE by Steve Kirsch – SubStack

The FOIA death data shows that no child aged 5 to 11 in Massachusetts died in 2020 or 2021 from COVID. Zero. Zip. Nada. The FDA is approving vaccines for “emergency use” when there is no “emergency.”


We have the data now. We had to get it using a FOIA request because the government isn’t willingly sharing this data with us. You’ll never guess what it shows. It shows that during the first two years of the pandemic, no child aged 5 to 11 died in Massachusetts from COVID. Zero. It’s likely the same in most other states as well (since Massachusetts is the 15th largest state).

The FDA is declaring an “emergency” and approving vaccines which have not been rigorously tested. Pfizer even admitted in federal court that there was fraud in the COVID clinical trials. Thousands of people have signed a petition calling for an investigation based on numerous allegations of fraud which the FDA flatly refuses to respond to.

There is no data. It’s not about the data. The American people trust the doctors. The doctors trust the FDA. The FDA trusts the drug companies. If the drug company says the vaccines are safe, they believe them, no matter what the post-marketing data says. The doctors discount the post-marketing data as anecdotes. That’s how it works.

The American people and doctors also trust the CDC. The CDC is supposed to monitor the VAERS data for adverse events just to be sure. But now we just learned that the CDC just admitted that they didn’t do that. But it won’t make a difference because the mainstream media will cover up the story.

This explains why people like me, Jessica Rose, Albert Benavides, and Mathew Crawford saw extreme safety signals in January, but the CDC never saw anything.

Today, a significant number of doctors know the vaccines are unsafe, but few of them have the courage to speak out publicly because they know they will be fired, lose their hospital privileges, and lose their license to practice medicine permanently if they speak out publicly. So they lie and say that the vaccines didn’t cause any deaths.

Doctors lie, kids die. Unfortunately, this is not going to change anytime soon.

It’s all a big circle. The politicians trust the doctors and the HHS agencies. None of them break ranks for fear of being ostracized. The doctors are trained that any vaccine approved by the FDA is safe. So the politicians ignore all the truth tellers as “misinformation spreaders.”

There is nothing that can break the cycle until someone with courage and power puts a stop to it. Our best shot: Senator Ron Johnson. That’s why defeating him is priority #1 for the Democrats.


Massachusetts has a population of 7M people and is the 15th most populous state in the US (California is tops with 39M people).

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