Shootings, Sin, Suffering: What Can Turn America Around?

Shootings, Sin, Suffering: What Can Turn America Around? by Shane Idleman

When I write about turning America back to God, I’m not under the delusion that we can create heaven on earth—evil will always fight against good. I’m talking about the desperate need for God’s people to seek Him: “The Lord is with you when you are with Him. If you seek Him, He will be found by you, but if you forsake Him, He will forsake you” (2 Chron. 15:2).

America’s decadence and depravity—from mass shootings and extreme violence to sexual abuse and perversion—is a direct result of rejecting God and suppressing the truth (cf. Romans 1).

The Futility of One Nation “Above” God

America’s foundation was once securely built on God‘s Word, but not so today. Massive cracks in the foundation have led to the complete deterioration of society. For more, watch The Futility of One Nation Above God. But, believe it or not, this shift away from God is not uncommon throughout our nation’s history. Remember, evil is always working against good.

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Revival historian J. Edwin Orr once noted: “Not many people realize that in the wake of the American Revolution there was a moral slump … and churches were in a terrible state.” Chief Justice John Marshall wrote that they were “too far gone ever to be redeemed.” Voltaire and Paine suggested that Christianity would be forgotten in 30 years. Princeton, Yale, and Harvard had all drifted from God as students burned the Bible in the public square.

A Spiritual Earthquake is Often God’s Answer

It’s in these dark moments that the church can be awakened from her spiritual slumber and revived. From California’s early years of building missions to New England’s revivals under Whitefield, Wesley, and Edwards, God often pours His Spirit upon those who are desperate for more of Him. His life-giving rain floods the soil of the heart that is prepared. 

What are you doing to prepare the soil of your heart?

There is one condition that must be met; one solution that must be sought; one cure that must be applied. It’s simple, but it’s not easy: heart-searching, life-altering prayer, and fasting.

Fasting, along with prayer, is a final step of desperation. In essence, we are saying, “The flesh got us into trouble, only prayer, fasting, and humility can get us out.” To be clear, fasting isn’t good work; it simply positions us to hear from a good God.

From Joel to Esther, and from Nineveh to Ezra, fasting secured God’s protection or stayed His hand of judgment.

Dethrone King Stomach

Since the 1700s, America has called for over 140 national days of prayer, humiliation, fasting, and thanksgiving. Sadly, today fasting is replaced with bacon, eggs, and sausage rather than brokenness, surrender, and desperation.

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