Confessions of a Rehab Addict | Nicole Curtis (Video)

Confessions of a Rehab Addict | Nicole Curtis Video

Nicole was hustling as a mommy burning both ends of the candle between cleaning houses, selling garbage finds online, selling real estate, design, and house restoration. She stayed true to her self and purpose eventually launching a number one TV show, books and so much more. Nicole Curtis a NY Times best selling author and the high-energy, charismatic star and Exec. Producer of Rehab Addict, the hit HGTV show that has run for 8 seasons. The self-taught home renovator, designer and tireless champion of saving and restoring old houses is famous for her extraordinary home transformations and unbridled passion for rebuilding neighborhoods. The Michigan native is hands-on with all her projects and is currently in development on another show for HGTV, all while running her foundation and raising two sons.

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