Honored to Be Called the ‘Original Screamer’ by a Trans Activist Against Transitioning Children

Honored to Be Called the ‘Original Screamer’ by a Trans Activist Against Transitioning Children by Michael L. Brown for Ask Dr Brown

When I arrived at my office on Monday to do my daily Line of Fire broadcast there was a package waiting for me from TreVoices. In the package was a long-sleeved t-shirt with a logo on the front and an inscription on the back. And both front and back were customized with a special message which I’ll share with you in a moment. I was genuinely honored and moved.

That’s because there could hardly be two more unusual co-workers against transitioning children then Kellie (“Scott”) Newgent and me.

Kellie is a “transman,” meaning, “female to male” transgender, and when she was on my radio show, she kept her profanity button at hand lest she misspeak. Over the course of our interview, she pressed it a lot!

On my part, at her request (and with tongue in cheek), I agreed not to speak in tongues on the air if she would not use profanity.

Yes, strange bedfellows indeed.

But by now, you may have heard Kellie’s voice on Matt Walsh’s documentary What Is a Woman?, where she destroys opposing arguments and makes clear that no amount of drugs or surgery can change a woman into a man (or vice versa).

Kellie has been studying these issues for years, in part because of her own health problems as a result of botched surgeries and, even more so, because of her concern about the dangers of attempting to transition children. Consequently, she knows the medical data inside and out. You do not want to challenge Kellie on any of this unless you are ready to lose all credibility.

But how did the two of us connect?

After reading her bold, passionate, and thoroughly documented 2021 article in Newsweek sounding the alarm against attempts to transition children, I reached out to her. She had made clear that she would work with anyone, gay or straight, conservative or liberal – even evangelical!

And so, we connected, only for Kellie to write again and say, “Sorry, I can’t work with you. You believe in conversion therapy, and that’s a bridge too far.” (This is a paraphrase.)

I explained that I simply believed that change was possible for anyone, but I honored her concerns and left things there.

Shortly afterwards, she wrote back to me, basically saying, “I offered to work with anyone, you were the first to respond, and then I rejected your offer. That’s not right.”

So the dialogue began, with Kellie and I exchanging numerous, relevant emails and with her appearing on my show. Now, through Matt Walsh’s excellent platform, even more are hearing Kellie’s voice.

What, then, did this customized t-shirt say? On the front was a small picture of a wolf howling into a microphone. Over the picture the words “Scream Louder” were emblazoned; under it read, “Evangelical Director” (meaning me!), followed by the Scott Newgent signature.

Across the back top the words read, “TReVoices.org, Dr. Michael Brown, The Original Screamer,” then the Scott Newgent signature. Really, what an honor!

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