Gov. Phil Murphy Gives the Left’s Agenda Away on Gun Control

Gov. Phil Murphy Gives the Left’s Agenda Away on Gun Control by Julio Rosas for Town Hall

GNN Note – The satanic-globalist will  not stop until the American people are disarmed. The world knows that once the American people are disarmed the world will be under a one-world government run by pedophiles satanist. Never give up your guns without a fight. / END

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy (D) praised the details of the bipartisan framework from the Senate on the issue of gun control but noted this should be used to pursue even more aggressive restrictions.

In a statement on Sunday, Murphy said the framework is a great step “in restoring sanity to our national dialogue” on firearms and “while this agreement is only a narrow first step, it is recognition that the ability of the gun lobby to block any and all common sense gun safety laws by its mere presence is waning and reform is possible. The door has cracked open. We must open it wider.”

Murphy reiterated his statement on his Twitter account, but notably left out the part where he wants even more gun control.

While full details have not been released about the bill, The New York Times reportedit includes provisions such as “enhanced background checks to give authorities time to check the juvenile and mental health records of any prospective gun buyer under the age of 21” along with providing grants to states to enact red-flag laws that allow authorities to temporarily confiscate guns from people who are a threat to themselves or others.


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