Who Let Her Escape…Democrat Rep. Cori Bush Warns Tucker Carlson, Fox News ‘Indoctrinated’ Buffalo Shooter

Who Let Her Escape…Democrat Rep. Cori Bush Warns Tucker Carlson, Fox News ‘Indoctrinated’ Buffalo Shooter By Alicia Powe  for The Gateway Pundit

The Buffalo shooter killed 10 people last month because he was “indoctrinated” by Fox News host Tucker Carlson and the Fox News Channel,  warned St. Louis Rep. Cori Bush as demonstrators rallied in Washington DC on Saturday to ban the Second Amendment.   The rally was sponsored by the “March For Our Lives” organization

“I’m joining you a few weeks after an 18-year-old white supremacist —  who was indoctrinated by Tucker Carlson and Fox News — after he targeted a black community in Buffalo and committed a massacre,” Bush told the crowd at the anti-Second Amendment rally in Washington, DC on Saturday.


“I’m joining you today not just as the St. Louis congresswoman, but I’m also a survivor of gun violence who knows that Senate Republicans’ obstruction of gun violence prevention legislation, you all, is killing us!” the Democrat lawmaker continued. “It’s killing us! And they get to act like they don’t care because they want what they want, and we say no. No!”

Bush’s attempt to portray the Buffalo shooter as a right-wing extremist echoes propaganda disseminated by the mainstream media to demonize conservatives following every mass shooting.

Immediately after the shooting, Rolling Stone warned “The Buffalo Shooter Isn’t a ‘Lone Wolf.’ He’s a Mainstream Republican.”

CNN’s Brian Stelter and former ABC News correspondent Mara Shiavocampo claim Fox News and Carlson enticed the Buffalo to kill by igniting controversy around the “replacement theory.”

“We know these are violent domestic terrorists who subscribe to a group idealogy of white supremacy. … We need to start talking about these incidents in the context of domestic terrorism fuelled by white supremacist ideology,” Shiavocampo argued on CNN’s Reliable Sources. “There’s no question that outlets like Fox News are responsible, in large part, for mainstreaming these conspiracy theories that have largely been relegated in the past to the far-right fringe. So when we talk about this replacement theory, this is the idea that there is an active plot to replace white Americans with immigrants. This is something that used to be on the fringes. Tucker Carlson first spoke about it on his show more than a year ago and since then we have heard members of Congress repeat it.”

“It’s the same conspiracy theory you hear in prime time on Fox News,” Stelter added.

The New York Times also charged right-wing media with driving white men to commit mass shootings.

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