How To Protect Yourself From Davos Man

How To Protect Yourself From Davos Man Authored by Mark Jeftovic via,

Read this if you don’t want your human rights ‘recalibrated’

The pandemic is clearly in the rear-view mirror, no matter how badly the our elites wish it wasn’t so. The window on the World Economic Forum’s self-proclaimed “opportunity” for transformative change is quickly closing. Yet, billions of plebes are still dragging their knuckles around, thinking for themselves.

Anybody paying attention to the talking points coming out of this past Davos meeting, knows what they have planned for us: everything from individualized carbon footprint tracking, the requirement for “passports” to navigate the web, to “recalibrating certain human rights… like free speech

This three part piece takes us through what we’re dealing with, why it’s actually impossible for it to succeed, and what you can personally do to secure your own future regardless.

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#1) Know what you’re dealing with

The Davos Club are at their core, Malthusians and Marxists. By Malthusian I mean that they think there are too many useless eaters in the world taking up space and resources. You’re one of them. They’re not.

By Marxist I mean the true outcome of socialism: a two tier society. Ostensibly, Marxism is about class struggle and equality for all, but in reality it’s about about eliminating the middle class and the reduction of the class structure to only two:

  1. them, a thin scab of elites who sit atop the cap table of the world, who own everything and make all the rules, and
  2. everybody else, who own nothing and have no human or civil rights.

Class structure, now and future

Anything that comes out of Davos, no matter how noble it sounds is really just veneer to get enough useful idiots to convince enough useless eaters to accept the narrative that what is being done to them is for their own good. This year took aim at individual carbon footprints.

UK Fire, is a British think tank with a five year mission to map out a pathway to Absolute Zero by 2050. Funded by the UK government’s UK Research and Innovation, along with “an active and growing industrial consortium”, their plan is to eliminate all carbon emissions by 2050.

All of them.

This includes:

  • Elimination of air travel by 2050
  • Elimination of shipping (there are no electrically powered ships)
  • The phasing out of beef and lamb for food (replaced by vegetarian food)
  • Radical reduction of steel manufacturing and all blast furnaces
  • Elimination of cement (expand use of clay, “think up something else”, literally)
  • 60% fewer cars, or 60% smaller in size

It’s an epic 60-page report that has it all figured out, most importantly how everybody else is going to live.

The punchline being the complete elimination of fossil fuels by 2050.

But if there’s one thing you can bet on it is this:

In 2050, the Royal Family, members of the government, billionaires and industrialists will all still be flying around in private jets or sailing somewhere aboard super-yachts, eating grass fed beef, lamb, bison, and being chauffeured around in 25-foot limos between their multiple 10,000 to 25,000 square foot residences.

Some people get triggered by these machinations of our self-appointed betters. The idea that the people who come up with these schemes will get to retain all the trappings of a modern, luxurious lifestyle while taking them all away from the rest of us in the name of “climate justice” or “equity” seems, somehow… unfair.

To put it lightly.

But when you fall into the trap of getting triggered by these plans, these high minded “roadmaps” and all encompassing  agendas you’re actually falling into a type of mental trap that will compromise your own ability to mitigate these machinations.

It’s therefore important to:

#2) Understand that it’ll never happen

One of the most sanity preserving mental tools I’ve ever discovered is what I call “Embracing the recipriversexcluson“.

The term was invented by Douglas Adams in his thinly veiled as satire “Hitchhikers Guide To the Galaxy” documentary. It means: a number whose value can be anything but itself.

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