How Technocrats Use Cities To Create Digital Slaves

How Technocrats Use Cities To Create Digital Slaves BY: LEO HOHMANN for Technocracy

Prisoners of war are slaves when put into concentration camps. Modern cities are headed in that direction as ubiquitous surveillance and monitoring technology is merged into the human condition via implants, wearables and ingested sensors. Add to that the totally immersive Metaverse and you have a perfect recipe for outright slavery.  ⁃ TN Editor

The Rutherford Institute, a Charlottesville, Virginia-based civil liberties organization, has sent a letter to the City of Houston, Texas, requesting it revoke a recently adopted ordinance that forces private businesses to spy on Americans and make the surveillance footage available to police.

Cities are engaging in these types of devious maneuvers all across America, Canada, Europe and the rest of the formerly free world. They are, unknowingly, taking baby steps toward building a globalized police state that will fit seamlessly into the beast system being developed by the World Economic Forum and its network of politicians, entertainers, false religious leaders, nonprofits and corporate cronies.

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You never hear about these under-the-radar- maneuvers that are happening at the local level by clueless local politicians who actually think they are doing a good thing, in the name of fighting crime. Everyone wants safer cities, right?

Indeed, violent crime out of control. But much of it is being encouraged by the moral chaos taught in our schools and in violent video games, films, etc., not to mention the Soros-funded urban prosecutors who refuse to fully prosecute some of the worst violent offenders. If they were concerned about fighting crime, they also would not leave national borders open to every gang member and terrorist in the world.

We must not allow our leaders to drive us into authoritarianism in a dishonest attempt to “protect” us from the crime waves that they themselves are causing, even as they are trying to disarm us and delegitimize the Second Amendment. If they really cared about making our streets and neighborhoods safer they would not be trying to take away people’s means of defending themselves. They know police are incapable of getting to the scene of every crime in time to prevent it, no matter how many surveillance cameras are feeding real-time footage into police departments.

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