‘Homeschool Awakening’: Families Across the Nation Opt Out of Public Schools Like Never Before

‘Homeschool Awakening’: Families Across the Nation Opt Out of Public Schools Like Never Before by Wendy Griffith for CBN News

In the wake of recent school violence and the “woke” movement, families across the nation are looking at the benefits of homeschooling their children like never before.

Actor and family advocate Kirk Cameron dives into this subject in his new documentary, The Homeschool Awakening, in theaters June 13th and 14th.

Cameron interviewed parents who once viewed homeschooling as weird and not for them.

“I always viewed homeschooling as somewhat of a cult,” one said. Others said they once thought of homeschoolers as “weird” or “abnormal.”

And like those parents, Cameron admits he also once had a “healthy fear” of homeschooling.

“I thought homeschooling was like, you had to be a Quaker or you had to be Amish. I was saying, I mean, does my wife need to wear a floor length, denim jumper, have a head covering and you know, where do we get the uniform?” he joked.

“And then I realized that I was just out of touch with this incredible robust community of people. There are experts and educational professionals creating curriculums that actually incorporate faith and what I’m learning is that parents are not stuck in a system that they’re not happy with,” he said.

Today, six children later – all of whom were homeschooled at one time or another – Cameron says parents are waking up and holding the public school system more accountable.

“And if you look at the public education system, removing prayer from schools, removing God and the Bible from school and replacing those things with progressive ideas, like the Critical Race Theory, Gender Theory, and teaching children to decide whether or not they prefer to be a boy or a girl, to choose their own pronouns, and separating parents from their children’s understanding of sexuality and when, and how they’re exposed to explicit material, these are the kinds of things that parents are saying we’re not down for this anymore,” he said.

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