CNN Warns Biden, Dems About ‘Very, Very, Very, Very’ Bad Polling On Inflation

CNN Warns Biden, Dems About ‘Very, Very, Very, Very’ Bad Polling On Inflation by Jon Dougherty for The Conservative Brief

CNN, not known for criticizing the Biden administration and Democrats, nevertheless took the White House and the president’s party to task on Friday over rising inflation and a worsening economy.

In a segment with anchor Jake Tapper, CNN’s senior reporter Harry Enten warned the administration that both of those issues are uppermost in the minds of a vast majority of Americans heading into the midterms, though it does not seem that the administration can or has done much to address either of them.

In addition, high gas prices and an ongoing baby formula shortage that Biden himself admitted he didn’t fully understand as late as April are adding to extremely high disapproval ratings for the president and his party.

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To begin the segment, Tapper asked, “Harry Enten joins us now from the magic wall with more on these rising costs. Harry, just how bad are gas prices from a historical and political point of view?”

“I think that this table tells a story. This is the yearly change and the average gasoline prices at this point in the midterm cycle,” Enten began.

“Right now, we’re at the top. Up 53 percent from last year. That is the highest in any midterm cycle since 1994,” he continued. “And as a student of political history, I can’t help but notice the next highest ones, 2006, 2010, saw major gains for the opposition party in 2006 being the Democrats, 2010 being the Republicans.

“When I see gas prices like you saw in the last slide, I can’t help but think I want to do a lot more walking,” Enten continued. “You might be asking yourself, how is this impacting President Joe Biden look at his job performance on gas prices. I don’t have to be a mathematical expert to know 31 percent is a very, very bad number.

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