Welcome To California…

Welcome To California… by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

When you know you won’t go to jail, especially if you’re a minor, why wouldn’t you act out? Why wouldn’t you, coming from a fatherless home, lose your mind, steal cars and run over mothers with the child in a baby carriage?

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When there are no consequences for ones actions why wouldn’t those actions continually go to the extreme? Why wouldn’t the extreme not be far enough? Why wouldn’t a person, especially a young, unsupervised, probably unloved youth go as far out on the limb as possible, then push further?

Until there is a reversal of this type of situation and the people in the community of Los Angeles take their city back from these satanic-globalist, like Gascon, this will only get worse. The people of Los Angeles will be forced to protect themselves, at which point they will be called “vigilantes”. They will not be “vigilantes” they will be citizens protecting their lives, their property and what they have earned. As sure as the sun rises in the East, this will happen and, if this type of situation continues where people are intentionally run down in the street, it will begin happening more sooner than later.

The final word from the victim of this horrific crime…

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