Swamp Gas

Swamp Gas by James Howard Kunstler

Consider that, if nothing else, John Durham knows a lot more about all this business, and that might include some things that we don’t know….

On Monday , Michael Sussmann, Esq., was released like an undersized crawdad  back into the fetid waters of the DC swamp by a jury of his peers — meaning fellow DNC contributors — despite compelling evidence of his guilt. Special Counsel John Durham took the loss with stoical equanimity, leading some to suspect that he was in on yet another ritual humiliation for the out-group of Americans who might call themselves We-the-Not Insane.

The outcome of the trial raises a passel of questions about Mr. Durham’s mission, his integrity, the fitness of the federal courts, and our country’s relations with some rather important principles such as truth and justice. Why? Because the RussiaGate affair at issue evinced a gangrenous rot that is remorselessly killing America in body and soul — if you care about such things.

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It’s pretty obvious that Mr. Durham knew all along that the Sussmann trial would be a low percentage play in terms of getting a conviction. The law stipulates that federal crimes must be tried in the district where they were committed, and the DC federal district court is effectively a praetorian guard for the ruling officialdom. Enemies of the so-called Deep State, such as General Flynn, get cruelly punished and ruined by procedural artifice; Deep State errand boys like Kevin Clinesmith and Michael Sussmann just flash their Get-Out-of-Jail-Free cards and go back to The Life. Yet, Mr. Durham did bother to bring the case, so… why?

Some might say, he had to do something to justify the years he’s spent investigating the origins of RussiaGate. Meanwhile, many books have been written setting forth the very precise fact-patterns of criminality among a huge cast of characters throughout our government. What happened in the years-long campaign of RussiaGate left a matrix of slime-trails from the White House to the FISA courts, to the seventh floor of the FBI building, to the CIA, the DoD, the State Department, Congress, and to swamp outposts in foreign lands where chimerical creatures like Josef Mifsud and Stefan Halper scurried about in mud and darkness on shifty assignments. All these big and little fish to hook, and all he could come up with was Clinesmith and Sussmann, two guppies?

Let’s assume that John Durham actually cares about his self-respect and his reputation. Let’s go a little further and suppose that he cares about what has happened to our country lately — an ignoble surrender to lawlessness and to collective insanity generated by official disrespect for truth — which is to say, reality. What’s his game? Does he have a game? Some astute observers insist that all long Mr. Durham was no less of a tool than all the other characters in this vast opera of historic villainy. Maybe so.

Among the many obstacles he faced bringing to justice the actual perpetrators of RussiaGate was that the statute of limitations had run out on some of their alleged crimes, such as FBI higher-ups James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and Rod Rosenstein lying to Congress. The statute of limitation is a lot less clear concerning charges of seditious conspiracy, that is, to “overthrow the government… and to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States”… etc. One could argue that RussiaGate was exactly about overthrowing the head of the executive branch and subsequently trying to cover it up.

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