Biden Admin Sued by Air Force Members – Their Lawsuit Claims Violation of Freedom of Speech and Religion

Biden Admin Sued by Air Force Members – Their Lawsuit Claims Violation of Freedom of Speech and Religion By Ben Dutka for The Patriot Journal

Even though the pandemic has been ebbing for much of 2022, the debates still rage concerning face masks, public transportation rules, and vaccines.

Some mandates and guidelines remain in place, especially for federal workers. This includes those in the military, and those who don’t wish to get the COVID vaccine have run into numerous roadblocks.

But now members of the Air Force are fighting back — and they’re making some very strong accusations.

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The Biden administration has faced multiple lawsuits regarding the forced vaccine mandates, from both large business owners and employees and branches of the military.

These Air Force members are trying to avoid punishment and termination, and they believe the mandates are a direct violation of freedom of speech and freedom of religion. To them, it’s a Constitutional issue.

First Liberty Institute and law firm Schaerr Jaffe LLP filed the lawsuit against the Department of Defense on behalf of these irate service members.

Currently, only about 2 percent of Air Force hasn’t been vaccinated. But they all stand to lose their jobs if the mandate remains in place, and there is no form of religious exemption.

From Fox News:

he filing alleges that the Department of Defense is violating the First Amendment rights of the service members by imposing a vaccine mandate that ‘substantially burdens’ free exercise of religion, despite granting hundreds of administrative and medical exemptions.

In addition, the lawsuit argues that the government does not have a compelling interest and has not provided service members other less restrictive manners in which to stop the spread of COVID-19.

First Liberty Institute’s Mike Berry said that given the unstable times, “you’d think the Pentagon would want every service member at their post.”

Instead, it seems the federal government is “forcing tens of thousands of our bravest out of the service because they’ve chosen to live according to their faith.

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