Church of Cowards?

Church of Cowards? By  for American Greatness

America’s founders did not avoid “being political.”

So, here you are again, surrounded by people you genuinely like and with whom you would like to share everything. But you know there’d be a steep price to pay if you tell these folks exactly how you feel: that the world seems to be spinning out of control.

You think it’s obvious that things are totally nuts. But if the people with whom you associate week in and week out knew you stood against things like critical race theory, transgender reassignment for young children, and canceling folks who won’t take an experimental “vaccine” would immediately silence you, shun you, and find a way to get rid of you. You look around, sadly shake your head, and realize that it’s even worse when you leave church on Sunday.

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People populating pews in many churches across America today shy away from talking about issues near and dear to them because they don’t hear anything approaching “speaking the truth in love” coming from the pulpit. There’s even a large cross-section of evangelicals who say that Christians should not be involved in politics, so they avoid it at all costs in church. Too divisive.

I was a member of a church years ago where the pastors pounded home the message that they were building and planting churches to influence the culture with the Gospel, an influence extending into media, into arts and entertainment, into race relations. Individuals were told that the truth of the Gospel should penetrate every aspect of an individual believer’s life, too, how a person lived day to day, where one chooses to work, who one marries. Everything the Holy God looked at in a Christian’s life, we were told, belonged to Him. He made us and we are His, to “glorify Him and enjoy Him forever,” as the Westminster Catechism tells us.

Now we are being told by some in this same well-intentioned crowd that Christians need to stay out of politics because we don’t want to ruffle feathers and end up spoiling our message of “love.”

The late Andrew Breitbart once suggested that “politics is downstream from culture.” In other words, if you want to change politics, you need to change the culture. There may be some truth to that, but it’s actually more like culture is politics, and politics is culture. The two have morphed into one. If you’re not woke (that wretched stepchild of political correctness) you are informed that you must not have any political power whatsoever. Period.

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