Miracle In The Works (Video)

Miracle In The Works Video by Katie Torwalt & Jekalyn Carr | Maverick City Music

Verse 1
Some may say it’s hopeless
They must have never met my God
Some may say it’s over
But it was finished on the cross
Some may say it’s broken
But the Healer’s in the room
Some may say it’s hopeless
But I know God’s about to move
God’s about to move

There’s a miracle in the works
I can feel it
There’s revival in the church
I believe it

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Verse 2
Some may see an ocean
But He’s made a highway through
Some may see a mountain
But we’ve seen a mountain move
Some may see a graveyard
But we’ve seen His empty tomb
Some may see a battle
But I know

I believe it

Reignite us, reawaken
Breath of God, come breathe again
Like the dry bones started shaking
All that died will live again
Oh, the miracle You’re making
The beginning not the end
Eternity is waiting
To see Your church alive again

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