Cashless Society – Everybody Loses

Cashless Society – Everybody Loses by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

Not sure how many of you remember the nation of India being forced into the banking system back in 2016. Well, it was a big deal as the government demonetized the most used currency note in the country and overnight, what people held in their hand as currency was now 100% worthless – zero value. The only way their currency would have any value was if they brought it a bank and DEPOSITED into their banking account. The problem was, most Indians did not have a bank account.

We had already been warning people about currencies going to zero, but we never thought something like this could happen. But it did happen. People stood in line for, literally, days to get their currency exchanged for the new currency. People died, from exhaustion and dehydration, while waiting in line. It was a cruel exercise by the Indian government.

We have warned about this for years and years. It is now at our doorstep and is about to make it’s grand entrance right into your home. When it does, there will be no turning back. It is the beast system. What happened in India was a warning shot and it was a big one. Our world is moving to system where everyone is chipped – Bible prophecy – and everyone will be forced to use a singular system of account for everything in their life. Estonia has a single card, like a credit card, with everything encoded – health insurance, bank info, house info, personal info, car info, children’s info, school info, etc., etc., etc.. All in one convenient card.

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The TV you have mounted on the wall is a subtle, but important, step in gaining total control. You know if you sell your house and it has wall brackets for a TV you have to leave them – why do you suppose that is? Sure, a lot of you are saying “You leave because it damages the wall if you take it down.” That’s true. But if you leave it if forces you to purchase a TV to hang on the bracket. A TV that transmits as much as it broadcast. Any receiver – your TV – can be a transmitter as well – your TV.

Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day nor was Rome destroyed in a day either. It took time, resources and planning for both events to occur.

Welcome to the beast system. The system John of Patmos spoke about in Revelation.

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