Stop the radical push for abortion, gender ideology and sexualization of children at the UN CSW65

Stop the radical push for abortion, gender ideology and sexualization of children at the UN CSW65 By CitizenGO

The UN in New York is about to convene the 65th annual Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) from March 15th to 26th.

This commission is failing in its real responsibility to aid women worldwide. 

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Based on the early draft document seen by our CitizenGO team, the 65th Commission on the Status of Women is even more radical.  It focuses on pushing for abortion, promoting the LGTB agenda, advocating for radical feminism in the political space, imposing “comprehensive sexuality education” for children, and gender ideology.  

On the last day of the event, a document of recommendations will be voted on, which the UN uses to pressure member countries with its agenda.  

This is what radical activists working in the UN have done in the past: in 2018 when the Argentine Senate voted against the approval of abortion law, the “independent experts” of the United Nations denounced its rejection arguing that the country did not fulfill its commitment to promote the sexual and reproductive rights of women.

The language used in some paragraphs of the recommendations they intend to approve hides their true intentions:

  • “Guarantee the access to sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR)”: it means abortion laws and promotion of home abortion during Covid-19.

  • “Avoid online violence against women, be able to hold media, and companies who run social media platforms, accountable for removing such content”: it means eliminate pro-life content.

  • “Direct funding to women’s organizations and feminist movements”: it means more money from our taxes for the radical anti-family feminist organizations.

Sign this petition NOW to the negotiation group leaders at CSW  demanding they eliminate paragraphs that impose a radical feminist agenda and promote abortion and gender ideology indoctrination.

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