And Now A Word from…”The #WEF “Prophet””

And Now A Word from…”The #WEF “Prophet”” by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

Can you imagine being so arrogant that you would accept others calling you “the prophet”? Or believing you are in fact a god? This is the level of evil that we are dealing with in our world today. The sad part is these people have been working on these plans for multiple decades – at least 5 decades, probably a lot longer but we’ll us 50 years to keep it simple.

When you hear about the schools being infiltrated by sexual deviants, the courts being infiltrated by social justice activist wearing black robes, when you hear someone screaming about defund the police, when you see cities being burned to the ground and not one person arrested, when you see black men murdering on a scale that is hard to fathom, while no one is arrested, when you see people marching, screaming for the purpose of being able to murder children in the womb and for up to 30 days outside the womb, when you see stories censored, Hunter Biden laptop story, that would change the course of our nation, when you see evidence stacked upon evidence of treason committed by individuals, like Eric Swallwell, Diane Feinstien, Lindsey Graham, Barrack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary and Bill Clinton, and the list goes on, but no one is investigated, no one is arrested and hanged from the nearest lamp post…we you see all this and more you should understand these people “believe they are indeed gods” and they hate you more than words can describe. They used to need you for your wealth and labor, neither is the case any longer. We are, currently, in the way of them building their utopian communist society.

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