5 Deeply Concerning Revelations About the State of Christian Evangelism in America

5 Deeply Concerning Revelations About the State of Christian Evangelism in America By  for Faith Wire

A new survey yields some concerning findings on evangelism in the modern era.

The study, conducted by Lifeway Research and commissioned by Evangelism Explosion, found that, while Christians express a willingness and even a desire to share faith, few have conveyed to others how to become a believer.

Let’s explore some of the most surprising findings, their implications, and what it means for the American church:

Less Than Half Have Shared Biblical Content with Loved Ones

The first statistic that stands out surrounds the proportion of self-identified Christians who have shared a Bible verse or Bible story with a non-Christian loved one sometime over the past six months.

Just 46% have shared a verse or story, and 43% have invited a non-Christian loved one to church services or a church program.

While these proportions are relatively low, the statistic surrounding sharing how to be a believer is even more eye-opening.

Just under Four-in-10 Have Shared the Salvation Message

When it comes to self-described Christians sharing how to become a believer, just 38% report doing so for a friend or family member over the past six months.

While this might seem alarming, one must consider an important caveat: friends and loved ones remain in our lives for a great deal of time.

Thus, it’s possible believers have shared with those close to them at some point before the past six months, though the low proportion does still register as an area of concern worth addressing.

Speaking With Non-Christians About Salvation

Coming off an era of intense social isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems Christians aren’t sharing as fervently as they could be with non-Christians they do not know personally.

While 40% reported speaking with these individuals about faith, just 34% invited someone they don’t know to church, and only 30% discussed how to become a believer.

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