20 Signs That The Collapse Of Society Is Accelerating

20 Signs That The Collapse Of Society Is Accelerating by Epic Economist

The collapse of society is rapidly accelerating. Global events are escalating at an alarming pace. We’re now witnessing conflicts erupting all over the world. At the same time, global production is declining, supply chain problems are getting bigger, and our economic woes are getting worse. In fact, according to a new reassessment of a report released by a team of MIT scientists in 1970, human society is right on track for a collapse in the next two decades if there isn’t a serious shift in global priorities. The report was published in the bestselling book “The Limits to Growth” (1972), in which the experts argued that industrial civilization was bound to collapse if corporations and governments continued to pursue the idea of infinite economic growth, no matter the costs.

The researchers forecasted 12 possible scenarios for the future, most of which predicted a point where natural resources would become so scarce that further economic growth would become impossible, and quality of life would sharply drop all over the planet. The report’s most infamous scenario predicted that the global economic growth would be brought to a halt around the 2040s, when most economies in the world would face a massive meltdown, along with the global population, food availability, and natural resources.

However, this imminent “collapse” wouldn’t be the end of the human race, but rather a societal turning point that would see standards of living free-falling around the world for decades, the team wrote. The decline of the civilization as we know it would include dramatic disruptions to trade routes, shifts in supply and demand, disease, environmental degradation, and extreme political dysfunction. In such an apocalyptic scenario, “you can see that the basic needs of society are not being met, or cannot be accomplished,” explained Bar-Oz, an archaeologist at the University of Haifa. “Losing food security, losing basic security, everyone agrees this is a way to measure collapse.” (Video below donations)

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Everything suggests that it is not a question of if but when these events will happen. History has taught us that civilizations do not last forever. And recent trends show that our society is reaching an irreversible turning point. How quickly could these events become so drastic that they would spark an apocalyptic shift in society? Quicker than we think. In today’s video, we compiled several signs that expose a societal collapse has already begun and the downfall of our major institutions and infrastructures is gaining speed with each passing year.

On top of all the mentioned facts, it seems that another health emergency is looming on the horizon. A monkeypox outbreak seems to be spreading like wildfire. On May 7th, the very first case in the western world was confirmed. Now, less than three weeks later, more than 80 cases have been confirmed in 12 different countries and the number of suspected cases continues to rise, and that should greatly alarm all of us.

As the societal “apocalypse” approaches, the poorest will be the hardest hit, as they always do, while the wealthiest may be insulated – up to a certain point. As events develop, the pain will rapidly move up the global economic chain. And we’ll see a catastrophic surge in political turbulence, humanitarian crises, instability, and geo-strategic rivalries across a hungry and devastated world. The challenges ahead are truly biblical. And the numbers exposed in this video are proof that things are rapidly running out of control.

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