Pride-Mafia Has Morphed Into the Trans-Mafia

Pride-Mafia Has Morphed Into the Trans-Mafia by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

GNN Note – Many years ago I was a huge Bill Maher fan. When he came to the Ryman Auditorium I was first in line to get tickets – for the first two trips that he made to the iconic show stage. At the time, I thought he was a brilliant comedian with a political slant that I agreed with. Watched Real Time, on HBO, every Friday night, then again on Sunday night when it would repeat for the first time. This went on for a number of years, even having a subscription to HBO for the specific purpose of watching his show.

Then, Bill, like so many of the Kennedy Democrats, went off the deep end into lefty-lunatic world. I stopped watching, stopped listening and stopped following his work at all. He was dead to me. However, like a great many of the Kennedy Democrats, Bill, came to his senses and realized all his friends actually hated him because he wasn’t “woke” enough for their latest lunatic outburst.

Now Bill Maher has come full circle. The past several months we have witnessed a rebirth, a new life, a person that is no longer shackled by the past that no longer exist. A person that thinks critically and sees the Kennedy Democrats are all Reagan Republicans or at least coming to their senses about what is happening to our country and to our society.

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Here is Bill Maher, once again, calling out the super-woke mentally ill people that are attempting to take over our schools, our communities and tell people if they don’t fall in line with the “woke” agenda they will be attacked, hurt and possibly killed. Anyone with half a mind knows this is not normal, this is not how stable people act or speak, but this is exactly how the trans-mafia act and speak.

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