#WEF Thugs, Technocrats And Other Global Communist

#WEF Thugs, Technocrats And Other Global Communist by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

We wanted to start with showcasing a couple of the thugs, mercenaries, that are working security for the World Economic Forum. If you’re not familiar with the World Economic Forum (WEF) we’ll start with one of their more well known videos – You Will Own Nothing and You Will Be Happy.

This is a nod to private property and the fact these satanic-globalist – global communist, are telling you point blank they are going to steal your private property and leave you owning nothing.

The first video is from June 5, 2020 – you know at the beginning of the Covid-19 plandemic / scamdemic

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The next video is the promo, an ad, for your new lifestyle, you know, the one you never ask for and the one in which you never intended to live. Yeah, that lifestyle. A lifestyle where you have to sacrifice everything, because you’re racist, and you have to fight for anything you have, including the food in your belly, the roof over your head and the weapons you use to defend yourself. Think end times without the magic of TV or hollywood – full-on Mad Max.

Of course, it is portrayed as something beautiful – let’s see who would do something like deceive you with a lie, show you a pretty picture when in fact you are entering hell – who’d something like that? Oh yeah, the devil, that’s who.

This next, very brief video, shows how you the “sharing” economy will work.

So, this is the backdrop in which this years WEF is being given in the Davos, Switzerland. This year the satanic-globalist understand the people around the world are awakening to their scheme so they hired a bunch of mercenaries to walk the streets of Davos and keep the serfs at bay.

Klaus Schwab, the lead satanist, had already planned on your anger and, back in 2020, addressed the situation.

Here we see the mercenaries in action on the streets of Davos this week, May 23, 2022. Since free speech is no longer tolerated the mercenaries are harassing a journalist who is reporting on their global crimes.

Now that we have seen some of what the thugs are doing, let’s take a look at the Technocrats who believe you are nothing more than an ATM for their account along with being a slave to service their whims. The few people that will survive the COVID-19 jab will either fight to survive, and try to kill these demons, or they will roll over and become their slave. There won’t be anything in-between. Once 2-3 billion people have been eliminated the remaining people will be in shock.

By the end of 2025 the number of people that will have died “mysteriously” or from some form of “monkeypox”, “smallpox” or other rare, unheard of disease will be breath taking.

We can’t wait to see what happens with this interview. Either way we win a glimpse into the lies we are being told.

Avi has been busy since landing in Davos…

Here is Jack Posobiec who is lighting the whole thing on fire!!!

Oh look…it’s Mr Klaus Schwab

Here’s another of the goons that want to run your life and steal your remaining wealth…

Here’s another of the global-satanist communist that are coming for you, your children and everything Holy.

Let’s not forget their travel plans don’t really include an SUV or electric car – more like a private jet, private limo and other massive carbon footprint producing vehicles that we don’t use.

Lots more coming so, stay tuned. We will be showcasing a variety of events coming out of Davos as the week progresses.

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