TN Republican censored by Facebook for saying, ‘Biological men have no place in women’s sports’

TN Republican censored by Facebook for saying, ‘Biological men have no place in women’s sports’ by Ricky Scaparo for End Times Headlines

Facebook has censored Tennessee Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn after she posted that gender-dysphoric male athletes should not compete in women’s sports.

“Biological men have no place in women’s sports,” Blackburn wrote in a post shared to her personal Facebook page. It linked to a donation website that encouraged her supporters to “fight back against Big Tech censorship” by adding their names to her campaign email list and making a contribution, according to TheBlaze. 

But the post, shared with Blackburn’s nearly 150,000 followers, was flagged by Facebook for violating its “community standards on hate speech.” “Your post didn’t follow our Community Standards on hate speech,” Facebook wrote in a notice to Blackburn. “No one else can see your post.

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The Tennessee Republican blasted Facebook and its parent company, Meta, as a “Silicoln Valley oligarch” and said she would not be silenced. “Big Tech and the Democrats are colluding to radically transform America,” Blackburn said in a statement to Fox News.

“They want to silence and censor conservatives for speaking out against their woke agenda. It does not take a biologist to know the difference between a man and a woman, and I will not be silenced or threatened by Silicon Valley oligarchs. Biological men have no place in women’s sports.”

Blackburn, who garnered attention in March after she asked future Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson to “provide a definition for the word woman,” has been a vocal supporter of protecting female sports in America and has repeatedly spoken out against biological males competing in them.

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