Dems in Disarray: Vulnerable Members Want Leadership Change, Internal Polling Looks Bleak

Dems in Disarray: Vulnerable Members Want Leadership Change, Internal Polling Looks Bleak by Guy Benson for Town Hall

Political junkies’ attention has been focused on the latest batch of primary election results this week, but just beneath the surface, huge and damaging fissures appear to be opening up among embattled House Democrats. For months, the conventional wisdom has held that 2022 is going to be a bad cycle for the ruling party and that Republicans were virtually guaranteed to win a majority in at least the lower chamber of Congress in November. The big question has been, how bad will it get for the Dems? It seems as though quite a few Democrats are waking up to the reality that the likeliest answer at this stage is, very bad. The “precriminations” are spilling out into the open. The entity in charge of protecting the House majority is the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, or DCCC. Its chairman is having a very bad week.

Let’s flash back to the New York Supreme Court (comprised entirely of Democratic appointees) throwing out state Democrats’ ludicrously gerrymandered, and clearly illegal, redistricting map a few weeks ago. The newly-unveiled, would-be Empire State map, which was drawn independently – as required by a state constitutional amendment that Democrats successfully pushed for, then tried to abandon for purposes of political expediency and power – is looking … less auspicious for their electoral prospects. To put it mildly: 

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Which re-centers the discussion upon DCCC Chairman Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, who has declared that he intends to run in a heavily Democratic district, rather than a somewhat competitive one. This “tells you everything you need to know about what he thinks November is looking like,” one GOP analyst tells me. No kidding. Maloney’s job is to lead the entire party to victory. He’s now in full-blown self-preservation mode, scrambling to save his own skin – and ticking off people in his home state and beyond. Disarray:

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