March for Life Was Much Bigger Than Pro-Abortion Protest, Showing America is Pro-Life

March for Life Was Much Bigger Than Pro-Abortion Protest, Showing America is Pro-Life by Jeanne Mancini for Life News

On January 21st, 2022, Katie Shaw stepped up to the podium at the National March for Life and faced a crowd of over 100,000 people.

Katie smiled at the massive rally cheering wildly in front of her. Peering over the podium through thin-rimmed glasses, she appeared just like any other ordinary young woman – and she was. But Katie has Down syndrome. According to pro-abortion people around the world, that meant that her life was not worth living.

As a woman with Down syndrome in America, Katie’s invitation to speak to such a massive crowd was uncommon. In many countries, especially Iceland or Denmark where over 98 percent of babies who have Down syndrome are aborted, Katie might not have been alive to give her speech at all.

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Yet the crowd went wild when Katie spoke up in defense of life and demanded equality for those in the womb.

“I am proud to be here to march to show the world that people, with a disability or not, need to have a chance to show the world God’s plan for them.” She said, “My parents never thought about aborting me. They worked and planned with the doctors to help me have my wonderful life.”

As the president of the March for Life, I watched Katie’s speech and the crowd’s exuberant reaction with gratitude and pride. After 49 years of tireless advocacy, the March for Life’s cultural impact was evident in the diversity, passion, and joy of the hundreds of thousands of marchers present.

After nearly 50 years, life is winning

Nearly 50 years ago, the abortion industry thought that they had silenced the pro-life movement forever with the codification of Roe v. Wade into law. Employing euphemisms, betting on the lack of science regarding unborn babies, and rebranding abortion as “women’s healthcare,” many thought that the pro-life movement would eventually dissipate.

The future was pro-abortion – or so they thought.

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