Codependency Recovery Stages (Video)

Codependency Recovery Stages Video

In this Psych Central Webinar, Ross Rosenberg, M.Ed., CADC, presents his compact 4-stage codependency treatment model and his “Surgeon General’s” Codependency Recovery Warning.
Ross Rosenberg M.Ed., CADC, is Self-Love Recovery Institute’s CEO and primary contributor. His internationally recognized expertise includes pathological narcissism, narcissistic abuse, and attachment trauma. Ross’s “Codependency Cure™ Treatment Program provides innovative and results-oriented treatment. His expert educational and inspirational seminars have earned him international acclaim, including his 22 million YouTube video views and 230K subscribers. In addition to being featured on national TV and radio, his “Human Magnet Syndrome” books sold over 140K copies and are in 10 languages. Ross provides expert testimony/witness services.

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