‘An Answer to My Prayer’: Family Calls Mysterious Reappearance of Deceased Woman’s Bible a ‘Miracle’

‘An Answer to My Prayer’: Family Calls Mysterious Reappearance of Deceased Woman’s Bible a ‘Miracle’ By  for Faith Wire

The mysterious reappearance of a Texas woman’s Bible is being called a miracle.

And the story behind the story is truly captivating. Joyce Evans of Tyler, Texas, long wondered about her late daughter Barbara, who died in 2011, and whether she embraced the Gospel.

As a Christian, Evans said she always hoped her three children would believe the Bible, and she tried to set an example they could emulate.

“If I showed them the love of God and the faith that I have, then they’re going to pick up on that,” she told KLTV-TV.

As for Barbara, it seemed she might have charted her own path, and Evans was left with questions about her daughter’s relationship with God.

“She was not perfection. But, how many are? I could never stop loving one of my kids. God gave her to me,” Evans said. “It’s when we wonder, if they are saved, that we’re going to see them. You know, when we get there.”

Those questions persisted — as did prayers — until, one day in 2019, a Bible reportedly emerged in the lobby of Evans’ retirement center. It was left out in the open on a chair.

Evans was shocked to open the worn book to see Barbara’s name inside. In fact, it was Barbara’s long-lost Bible, and in the back of the book, Evans discovered Scripture references about the Gospel message.

“She had written the plan of salvation in the back of the Bible,” Evans said.

Some might wonder if there’s a reasonable and easy explanation surrounding how the Bible got there, but Evans said no one knows why or how it arrived. Somehow, Barbara’s Bible — a book holding purported answers to questions about her daughter’s spiritual state — made its way back to the family.

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