The Identity and Deity of Jesus | John 1 (Video)

The Identity and Deity of Jesus | John 1 Video by Pastor, Gary Hamrick for Cornerstone Chapel Leesburg VA

There are many opinions in the world today about who Jesus is. Some say He is just a prophet, some say He is a created being, some don’t believe in Him at all. But exactly who is Jesus? The apostle John goes into great detail in John 1 about the true identity and deity of Jesus. Pastor Gary points out five things that John explains about the identity of Jesus. It is essential to have a proper understanding of Jesus in order to understand salvation that came through Him!
00:00 – Welcome
00:43 – Introduction
01:21 – Symbols of the 4 Gospels
03:31 – Overview of the Gospel of John
16:38 – 1) Jesus is Eternal
17:28 – 2) Jesus is the Word of God
21:08 – 3) Jesus is God
26:24 – 4) Jesus is Creator
28:07 – 5) Jesus became human to dwell among us and die for us

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