Because He Has Inclined His Ear Unto Me…

Because He Has Inclined His Ear Unto Me…

It is usually when all hell has broken loose in our life that we, earnestly, seek the Lord. Some would call it “rock bottom” or when a person “finds their bottom” is when the Lord, Jesus Christ becomes really important.

When a person reaches their bottom they are forced to look up. When we look up, we see heaven. When we see heaven, we have the opportunity to see Jesus Christ, Emmanuel, God with us, waiting for us to know that He has always been with us. We left Him, He has never left us alone. Jesus is simply waiting for us, at all times, every moment, for us to speak with Him, seek Him, ask Him and knock upon His door for His wisdom.

Because He has inclined His ear unto me,
Therefore I will call upon Him as long as I live.
The sorrows of death surrounded me,
And the pains of hell get hold upon me:
I found trouble and sorrow.
Then called I upon the name of the LORD;
O LORD, I implore You, deliver my soul.
Gracious is the LORD, and righteous;
Yes, our God is merciful.
The LORD preserves the simple:
I was brought low, and He helped me. ~ Psalm 116:2-6 KJB

We are reminded that simply speaking the name of the Lord, our God, Jesus Christ, calls Him to us, as He, our God, has His ear inclined unto us. When our situation seems the most dire is when He does His best work. The problem is…we don’t believe it. We don’t accept these simple truths as the Truth. If we did this world would look and operate a lot different.

The number of people “hitting rock bottom” would be much smaller. The number of teachers, just teachers in our schools, turning their back on Salvation would be tiny. The number of teachers that have turned their back on Salvation and grace would evaporate if people actually believed what is written in this one Psalm. Can it be imagined how our society would look if people actually believed this Psalm?

O praise the LORD,
All the nations: Praise Him, all people.
For His merciful kindness is great toward us:
And the truth of the LORD endures for ever.
Praise the LORD. ~Psalm 117 KJB

Either the Scripture is the divine Word of God teaching us how to live and how to be a reflection of God, or it’s nothing more than a historical account of events.

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