Simple Kingdom (Video)

Simple Kingdom Video by Bryan and Katie Torwalt with Cody Karnes

Your kingdom is simple
As simple as love
You welcomed the children
You stopped for the one
We want to see people
The way Jesus does
Your kingdom is simple
Lord teach it to us

Your kingdom is humble
As humble as death
His King is a savior
Who gave His last breath
So may we die daily
Our pride laid to rest
His kingdom is humble
And the broken are blessed

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Hallowed be Your name
May we live and breathe Your praise
Let all creation say
Oh The King of heaven reigns
(Yes he does, yes he does)

Your kingdom is coming
Your kingdom is here
Alive in our waiting
At work in our tears
So come to us quickly
Forever our prayer
Your kingdom is coming
Lord Jesus come near (hallelujah)

Your kingdom is backwards
It flows in reverse
What You call a treasure
This world calls a curse
The small become great and
The last become first
Your kingdom is backwards
Lord teach us to serve
As it is with Your kingdom
Let it be with Your church

He reigns forever
He reigns forever

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