America Has Fallen Into Tyranny

America Has Fallen Into Tyranny by Emerald Robinson – SubStack

The official Twitter account of the video platform Rumble announced three days ago that their server system was “under attack” and linked the attacks explicitly to the upcoming premiere of a documentary on the 2020 stolen election — titled “2000 Mules.”

It’s the Parler social media app story all over again. Leftists taunt the Right over Internet censorship by saying “Go and build your own Internet!” and when conservatives actually do that, suddenly, the Left destroys the budding infrastructure that it encouraged the Right to build. So much for free speech and the rule of law — but Rumble has now run afoul of the Biden regime with predictable consequences.

The reason that such a thing is possible is because America has fallen into tyranny — as we all know, the rule of law no longer applies equally to all. That’s what happens when you allow the federal bureaucracy and the intelligence agencies and the federal law enforcement bureaus to be controlled by Obama and Clinton operatives: you get the selective enforcement of law and order according to the Left’s political agenda.

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There’s plenty of evidence for this collapse everywhere you turn these days. Elon Musk offers to buy Twitter and Biden’s DOJ and SEC announce a joint investigation into Tesla the next day. Who thinks that was a coincidence? Nobody thinks it was a coincidence. Not a soul on earth really believes that Biden and his henchmen would hesitate to invent crimes and fabricate evidence to punish their political opponents. And it’s not just the Biden regime — it’s the woke corporations and the woke universities and the woke NGO’s and all of the rest of it.

It’s Disney pretending to be the elected government of Florida. It’s the FBI pretending that parents at school board meetings are “domestic terrorists.” It’s the ongoing attempt to prosecute President Trump — and to remove his supporters in Congress from being able to run for office.

Neoliberalism itself has gone rogue.

Right now, for example, we are watching the political intimidation of Supreme Court justices at their private homes when they don’t favor the woke mob’s whims. Such protests are blatantly illegal — but who really thinks the protestors will be arrested?

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