Harmful effects of COVID-19 vaccines are best explained by micro blood clots: Report

Harmful effects of COVID-19 vaccines are best explained by micro blood clots: Report by:  for Natural News

A column published this week addresses some of the most common harmful effects related to COVID-19 illness and vaccines, including “micro blood clots” that appear to have been one of the earliest-known side effects.

Dr. Joel S. Hirschhorn, a former University of Wisconsin tenured professor, as well as a senior official at the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment and the National Governors Association who has provided testimony at over 50 House and Senate hearings, wrote at LifeSite News that the clots “seem to be the likely cause of millions of health impacts and deaths from COVID infection as well as from COVID vaccines, and even millions of long COVID victims suffering diverse health problems with no apparent medical solution.”

Long COVID, for those who are unfamiliar with the term, refers to lasting, recurring effects from a COVID illness that can stretch for months or even years.

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“What should receive far greater attention is the formation of microscopic blood clots throughout bodies caused by spike proteins.  These are not found through conventional medical scanning and imaging technologies,” he began.

“Know this: They result from COVID spike proteins that screw up fine blood vessels, causing micro blood clots. The spike protein molecules from COVID infection are the same as what happens when COVID vaccines pump huge numbers of them into your body. So, vaccines create the same blood clot problem as COVID itself in many people,” he added.

In particular, Hirschorn’s lengthy piece addresses these three major themes:

1.  Vaccine adverse health impacts, including deaths

2.  A broad array of COVID infection illnesses and deaths

3.  Millions of people with “long” COVID suffering diverse health problems.

Micro clots can cause a range of issues and problems, Hirschorn noted, and they are difficult if not impossible to detect ahead of time. But by becoming lodged in the tiniest of blood vessels, they can still cause heart attacks and strokes, while also creating other circulatory problems.

Hirschorn went on to cite Dr. Peter McCollough, who he said addressed the issue of micro blood clots earlier in the pandemic. McCollough noted that “the Spike Protein itself caused coagulation or blood clotting. And a unique type of Coagulation. It caused the red blood cells to stick together. At the same time, the platelets stick together. So this is a very different type of blood clotting than we would see with major blood clots in the arteries and Veins.”

The professor and healthcare expert also cited Dr. Charles Hoffe, a Canadian physician who went public with findings regarding micro clots in July 2021:

Using the d-dimer test of blood, he found that 62% of hundreds of his vaccinated patients had high numbers, indicating the presence of micro blood clots. A d-dimer test measures the amount of degraded fibrin in the blood.

He did more than just release that finding. He said that the use of mRNA vaccines would “kill most people through heart failure.”

Hirschorn went on to explain how and why spike proteins are hazardous and dangerous over the short and long term, and how they contribute to clotting.

“Here is what you need to understand: Though the claim has long been that these spike proteins act as a deterrent to viral infection after being injected into a person’s body, the reality is that they actually become part of the cell wall of a person’s vascular endothelium or linings of the blood vessels,” he wrote. “In very small diameter blood vessels, the spikes have a big impact on blood flow.”

Notes Brian Bull, MD, a pathologist and former dean of the Loma Linda University School of Medicine, who studied the spike protein and clotting phenomenon early on: “This could change our approach to fighting this disease because we may have been looking in the wrong place. We have been looking for a treatment against a viral disease, but we should now also look for therapy for a viral disease that has transformed into a clotting disorder.”

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