A Black Man Ask: Which Black Lives Matter…

A Black Man Ask: Which Black Lives Matter… by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

•Does the Future Of Our Black Babies Matter?

The silence is deafening from, what appears to be, hospital workers getting their groove on in support of some nonsense. When confronted with the truth, well, they don’t really have anything to say. The gentlemen speaking ask, “Does the future of our black babies matter?”

If you find any of what I am saying as racist, well, you’re the racist. The man speaking has drawn a line and is now standing his ground. He has decided his peaceful protest would be face-to-face with a group of hypocrites attempting to shout down another voice. The mob may rule, but today, they lose. (Article continues below donations)

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Why are these people so silent when confronted with the reality of their bias? Oh…that’s right hypocrisy is not suppose to be acknowledged, only exploited. Hypocrites aren’t suppose to be called out for their hypocrisy, only supported in their pushing a single narrative and a single liberal, leftist view point. No matter the subject, the “current thing”, what matters is everyone parrot the talking points. All other views are to be ignored while supporting the “current thing”. If someone deviates from the “current thing” they are to be called a racist, a nazi, a xenophobe (whatever that is) or some other derogatory word intended to make them shut up. Well, people are no longer “shutting up” they are simply pushing back.

The gentlemen speaking is standing his ground and calls them on the carpet right to their hypocritical faces. I wonder how many of these people are wearing a Christian cross, go to church on Sunday and claim to be followers of Christ? Rest assured Jesus would not approve of this type of behavior and would ask each of them to repent of their sin. Let’s be clear, hypocrisy may be the actual lead sin. Hypocrisy is deadly. Hypocrisy impacts other people in ways some sins do not. If it’s not the lead sin it is riding shotgun with pride.

Supporting the “current thing” will get you embarrassed and keep one in ever lasting ignorance. These people can’t be so intellectually challenged as to not know this, or maybe they are and their appearance is nothing more than camouflage. Either way, we should expect to see a lot more of the actions taken by the person making the video, an actual “protest”, exposing those squealing like a rusty wheel about this current thing or that current thing.

More and more people will be rising up and calling out these hypocrites, liars and thieves right to their lying face. We the people are done with this nonsense. Done, over it.

People, a lot of people of every background, have forgotten who the enemy is. The enemy is not my neighbor, the enemy is not anyone who is voicing an opinion I don’t like and my enemy is not someone who makes a decision that impacts their family. No, our enemy is the devil. The devil is working through a small group of very evil people in this world and those very evil people hate all of us – no matter our background, our heritage, our loyalty. This small group of very evil people want to see us fighting amongst ourselves and not watching what they are doing – which is killing us, stealing everything we have and ripping our families apart at the seams.

There agenda is spelled out on the United Nations website – Agenda 21 and part two is 2030 Agenda – look ’em up – easy to find. Here’s a thumbnail sketch of this vile program that is unfolding before our eyes. At the heart of this evil is the climate hoax.

The good news is more and more people are beginning to awaken and see the Truth about just how corrupt and evil the people in Washington DC have become. They no longer care about We The People and are only concerned about their family, their donors and their wealth. They are very concerned about controlling our lives and stealing our wealth. This is what people are beginning to see with their own eyes. If you don’t believe me look at what happened during the 2022 primaries in Ohio and Indiana.

President Trump endorsed 21 different candidates in the two states and 100% of these candidates won their primary. Does that mean they are going to win the coming election? Not necessarily, but it is a great indication of the massive shift in what people are willing to do and how they see what is happening in their lives. The video above is merely a tiny reflection of the frustration and shows that people are no longer silent. Expect a lot more in the coming weeks and months. If the liberals think they are going to “burn everything down” over the Roe-v-Wade thing going on at the Supreme Court, well, I get the feeling that’s not going to work out like if did in the George Floyd Summer of 2020.

Here are a couple of questions that a lot of people are beginning to ask themselves. These same people are reaching similar conclusions as the gentleman in the video above. Those conclusions do not bode well for the ruling class and, to a lesser degree, the banking class.

Sooner or later your going to have to draw the line and stand your ground. Where is your breaking point? Was it the vaccine, the mask or another aspect of the COVID-19 fiasco? Is it the lies, is it the theft, is it the school system, is it the banking system, is it the ruling class and their deep seeded corruption, is it the grooming of your children – where is the line and when do you stand your ground?

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