With A Perfect Heart and With A Willing Mind…

With A Perfect Heart and With A Willing Mind…

In order for us to know who we are we must know where we have come from, we must know our history. In order to know our history there must be an account of who is in our past, where they lived and, it would be very helpful, to know what they did during their life. The more we know the richer our lives become.

When a person reads the Holy Bible, especially the Torah, the old testament, there are a number of times where lists of people, events and activities fill entire chapters. While it is not the best read, at least to most people, it severs an important aspect of painting a richer history for those of the Way to understand how we arrived in this moment. Without it, the Law would be incomplete and, therefore, the law would be void.

Also Jehonathan, David’s uncle, was a counselor, a wise man, and a scribe; and Jehiel the son of Hachmoni was with the king’s sons. ~ 1 Chronicles 27 NKJB

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1 Chronicles 27 is nothing more than a list of people and their role in Israel, almost that of a census. While most of the people and their positions are unimportant what is important to all of us is the context which the Law was being applied. Here are the people living under the Law of God. They are real people with families, jobs and a role in the community. We see how they live is not much different than we live today. They live by the Law. Do we recognize the Laws role in our life?

Our heritage leads to the path of where we stand in this moment. If we know how we got here we have an opportunity to capitalize on our history and potentially do even greater things. We see this with David and Solomon in the building of the Temple. David is shunned from building the Temple as his life of bloodshed has shown dishonor towards God. However, God shows favor to David’s son Solomon and God actually takes Solomon as His own child – God claims Him in the sight of others. Solomon’s identity is born.

and of all my sons, (for the LORD hath given me many sons,) He has chosen Solomon my son to sit upon the throne of the kingdom of the LORD over Israel. And He said unto me, Solomon thy son, he shall build My house and My courts: for I have chosen him to be My son, and I will be his Father. ~ 1 Chronicles 28:5-6

When our identity becomes known it happens in community, that is to say with others present as witnesses to the account, and we must obey all that we are told and all that we are given to honor the gifts from God.

And you, Solomon my son, know the God of thy father, and serve Him with a perfect heart and with a willing mind: for the LORD searches all hearts, and understands all the imaginations of the thoughts: if you seek Him, He will be found; but if you forsake Him, He will cast you off for ever. Take heed now; for the LORD has chosen you to build an house for the sanctuary: be strong, and do it. ~ 1 Chronicles 28:9-10 KJB

As we grow in our faith we find that we must do all that is on our heart in our mind that comes from the Lord. If the Lord speaks of doing good in our community, in our house or for family we must serve of Lord with willingness and complete the task at hand. When we show we are responsible, resourceful and obedient to His will, we are given more and more.

Our faith always leads us to places previously unknown. As we follow the will of the Lord our God and as we walk in our Christ identity, people around us see that something is different. They know that we are not who we once were. Bowing before the Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, we humble ourselves to the point of losing our life and finding all the Kingdom of God.

And the LORD magnified Solomon exceedingly in the sight of all Israel, and bestowed upon him such royal majesty as had not been on any king before him in Israel. ~ 1 Chronicles 29:25 KJB

We will not be a king, however, we will be known to God and God will see us as His anointed child and the people around us will see something in us that has never been seen before.

Either the Scripture is the divine Word of God teaching us how to live and how to be a reflection of God, or it’s nothing more than a historical account of events.

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