Our Healthcare System Is Deteriorating Fast. Here’s What You Need to Do.

Our Healthcare System Is Deteriorating Fast. Here’s What You Need to Do. by Aden Tate for The Organic Prepper

The world has changed. Previously, anyone was able to enter the hospital or a doctor’s office anytime that they pleased without any issues whatsoever. If you were sick, you could expect to be given medical care. It never mattered your skin color, creed, religion, political beliefs, or any of that.

Those working in the field of healthcare never had an issue with helping to heal those in need. They were never banned from doing so.

But now, things are different.

Now, we have children with cancer who are being kicked out of hospitals because they don’t have the Jabberwockies.

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Now, we have patients being taken off of organ transplant lists because they refuse to be coerced into medical decisions.

Now, we have doctors who lose their licenses – or even face criminal penalties – for treating their patients with medicines that are not politically in vogue (all while politicians receive treatment with these banned medicines).

Now, receptionists are more than happy to refuse you entry to the facility they work at unless you have hidden your face or have the appropriate paperwork.

Now, there is open discussion about kidnapping the children of those who have refused to take the Jabberwockies and placing them in “homes” where they’ll be “properly” taken care of. Keep in mind the large number of state-run trafficking rings that have been exposed of late.

America has changed, and not for the better. The healthcare system is deteriorating fast.

This is the world that we live in now.

That’s why it is more important now than it has ever been before to take care of your own health. Because the fact of the matter is that hospitals may refuse to treat your children. The notion of the emergency room barring your child suffering from an asthma attack entry is very real. You being barred to get your broken finger treated at the walk-in clinic is a real threat.

This is the extent to which propaganda has changed America.

In addition, the lovers of freedom have left their professions in the healthcare system.

Healthcare workers have left the field of medicine in droves as hospitals across the country have instituted mask and jab mandates. The staffing shortage has gotten so severe that now, many hospitals have been forced to completely close down certain units. The rates hospitals are now willing to pay nurses has absolutely skyrocketed as well, as they attempt to retain workers who are leaving in record numbers and attract new help to fill their place.

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